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How to Find Cheapest Nerf Machine Guns: Hasbro Inc. has upgraded Nerf Guns in last two decades. When first Nerf Gun was launched, nobody was aware of today's powerful blasters. It was considered as a small toy gun for kids. But the company added so many features and improvements into nerf guns.

At present, Nerf Gun is a brand name and there are variety of blaster available under Nerf. Nerf Gun, Nerf Automatic Gun, Nerf Rifle, Nerf Machine Gun and Nerf Water Blaster are covered under Nerf brand. Nerf Machine Guns are fully automatic and they are powered by motor. The motor works on batteries power. Because of motor and other configurations, Nerf Machine Guns are expensive. But some Nerf Machine Guns are still available at low price. You will find such nerf guns and blasters here.

What is Nerf Machine Gun?

Nerf Machine Gun is a fully automatic motorized blaster that functions on batteries power.

No Need to Prime

Nerf Machines Guns don't require to prime. You just need to load all darts into blaster and get ready for blasting action.

More Firepower

Nerf Machine Guns always have huge dart capacity. You can load at least 18 or 24 darts at once. Some machine guns offer to hold 40 to 100 darts at a time. Therefore Nerf Machine Guns are best for playing long running nerf wars.

Rapid Fire Action

Each Machine Gun comes with slam fire or rapid fire action mode. You can fire all darts in continuous mode to sweep the battlefield. Some Nerf Machine Guns have burst fire option that allows you to unleash 3 darts in one time firing.


The only condition to use Nerf Machine Gun is that you must have batteries. If you blaster gets out of battery power in between the mission, you should have extra battery pack to insert into your machine gun. The Nerf Machine Guns don't work without required batteries.


Cheapest Nerf Machine Gun


There are so many Nerf Machine Guns available in market. If you are looking for the cheapest nerf machine gun then you have reached the right place. Here we provide Nerf Machine Guns for sale at low price.

01. Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Nerf HyperFire Blaster is a fully motorized nerf gun. It has a huge dart drum and 25 Elite darts. You can load all 25 darts into the dart drum. The HyperFire Blaster can send the darts up to 90 feet distance. You need to insert 4 D batteries to power up the Nerf HyperFire Blaster. When you use fresh batteries, the blaster can fire 5 darts per second.

02. Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus Blaster

Nerf Infinus Blaster is made with speed load technology. This gun contains 30 dart drum and fully motorized power for nerf battle. All 30 Elite darts come with blaster, you can buy extra darts as per your requirement. The dart drum is removable but speed load technology allows you to load the darts one by one without removing it. So you can keep firing the darts with one hand and loading new darts with other hand. Nerf Infinus Blaster needs 4 D batteries. Now you know that all Nerf Machine Guns are not expensive. So you can choose the cheapest nerf machine gun that suits your use.